Turn of the Screw by Henry James Intro

Title: The Turn of the Screw
Author: Henry James
Genre: Ghost Story/Psychological Thriller
Type: Novella
Published: United States, 1898
Total Duration: Approximately 5.5 hours

The Turn of the Screw by Henry James is one of the greatest psychological thrillers of the nineteenth century. Set in the rural countryside of Essex, on the Bly Estate, the story exposes a hidden threat to the lives of the two innocent children left to the care of a governess, newly hired by their bachelor uncle in London. The governess is inexperienced and holds a romantic view of the duty set before her–to never bother their charming uncle and take strict care of the orphaned children herself. She does so happily, as she falls in love with them instantly. Yet, she soon detects that supernatural forces are at play in this idyllic scene. These forces seem to prey directly upon the little ones themselves; and only the governess appears to see and hear them. Real or imagined, can the governess fight these forces, or will she be overwhelmed to the point of destruction?

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