The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams


A stuffed rabbit longs to be real.


A boy is given a stuffed, velveteen rabbit for Christmas.  The little rabbit soon discovers the power of nursery magic when he becomes real to the boy who loves him.  The rabbit stays by his side for play, sleep, and when the boy becomes ill with scarlet fever.  Sadly, the velveteen rabbit is taken from the boy.  However, the lonely little rabbit soon meets with more magic and truly becomes real.

Text: The Velveteen Rabbit
Author: Margery Williams
Story Published: 1922
Duration: 00:31:08 (about 31 minutes)
File Size: 21 MB
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Recording Copyright © 2007 Nikolle Doolin


Margery Williams was born on July 22, 1881, in England.  She wrote numerous stories for children and young adults.  Williams died on September 4, 1944, in the United States.  Her story, The Velveteen Rabbit, was published in the United States in 1922 and instantly became a cherished classic.


This story is suitable for all ages.