Persuasion by Jane Austen


Years separated Anne and Captain Wentworth, but their love may have a second chance, if bitterness and reticence do not part them forever.
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Title: Persuasion
Author: Jane Austen
Genre: Regency-Era Romance
Type: Novel
Published: England, 1817
Text: Persuasion by Jane Austen
Audio Duration: Approximately 9.5 hours
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Summary of Novel:

The tale centers around Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth and their reunion after years of separation; Anne rejected the Captain’s proposal in order to satisfy familial and social duties. Years without Wentworth have been a regret for Anne who is a person of no consequence to her family. However, circumstances will soon bring the Captain back into her life. Will bitterness part them forever, or do old feelings die hard?

*Persuasion was completed in 1817, but Jane died before it was published by her brother Henry.

Chapter Summaries:

Chapter One

Duration: 22 min.
Size: 20 MB
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The Elliot family finances are quite bleak. Their friends Lady Russell and Mr. Shepherd are called upon for advice. The vain and spendthrift Sir Walter Elliot and his eldest daughter Elizabeth will be hard to convince.

Chapter Two

Duration: 15 min.
Size: 14 MB
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Sir Walter scoffs at proposals of economy. However, with the guidance of Lady Russell and Mr. Shepherd, he agrees to retrench. The Elliots will let Kellynch Hall and remove themselves to Bath.

Chapter Three

Duration: 20 min.
Size: 18 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 3

The question of who should be tenant of Kellynch Hall is raised. As fate would have it, an Admiral Croft and his wife are interested in Kellynch. Trouble is, this same Mrs. Croft is the sister of a Mr. Wentworth who used to live in the area; and Sir Walter recalled him to be a nobody.

Chapter Four

Duration: 15 min.
Size: 14 MB
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A Captain Frederick Wentworth was Anne’s former beau. Yet, Lady Russell advised her to reject the proposal of the unsuccessful and unconnected Captain who had nothing to recommend him but himself. The Captain left feeling wronged; and about eight years passed. Anne, the heroine of the story, regrets that decision; and now an old wound resurfaces, as his sister may soon reside in her very home.

Chapter Five

Duration: 22 min.
Size: 21 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 5

Admiral and Lady Croft will rent Kellynch Hall. Sir Walter and Elizabeth leave for Bath and take the dubious Mrs. Clay with them. Anne is called upon to stay with their sister Mary and enjoys a visit with Mary’s in-laws, the Musgroves, at Uppercross.

Chapter Six

Duration: 25 min.
Size: 23 MB
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Anne remains with her younger sister Mary and continues to enjoy the company of the Musgrove family. Anne is a useful confidant to all the Musgroves, including Mary. As it can no longer be avoided, Anne meets the Admiral and Mrs. Croft and learns that Captain Wentworth will be visiting soon.

Chapter Seven

Duration: 23 min.
Size: 21 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 7

Captain Wentworth arrives at Uppercross and Anne’s greatest trial begins. However, Anne’s nephew Charles takes a bad fall so that she excuses herself from meeting Wentworth. Yet, all the Musgrove’s fall in love with the Captain so much that avoiding him is impossible. After almost eight years, Anne and Wentworth set eyes upon each other.

Chapter Eight

Duration: 23 min.
Size: 21 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 8

Captain Wentworth is the center of attention during a social evening at Uppercross. Both the Miss Musgroves adore him and he appears to enjoy them as well. However, while he is the life of the party, he is cold to Anne.

Chapter Nine

Duration: 19 min.
Size: 18 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 9

There is much speculation over the possibility of a union between Captain Wentworth and either Louisa or Henrietta. Henrietta has the affection of her cousin Charles Hayter, but a country curate is no match for a dashing naval officer. Captain Wentworth arrives at the cottage to meet Charles, yet he walks in on Anne alone with little Charles. This meeting proves to be very awkward for both of them; and intensifies, when Charles Hayter arrives.

Chapter Ten

Duration: 25 min.
Size: 23 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 10

Anne and Mary tag along with Louisa and Henrietta for a long walk. Charles and Captain Wentworth wind up joining them, as well. They go as far as Winthrop and Charles and Henrietta visit the Hayters, while the others rest on the hill. While Henrietta is away making up to Charles Hayter, Anne witnesses Louisa advance as the main contender for Captain Wentworth’s attention.

Chapter Eleven

Duration: 20 min.
Size: 19 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 11

Captain Wentworth inspires the young Musgroves to visit Lyme. So, Charles, Mary, Louisa, Henrietta, and Anne travel with the Captain for a short excursion by the sea. There, they are introduced to Wentworth’s friends the amiable Captain and Mrs. Harville and the melancholy Captain Benwick who suffers the loss of Harville’s deceased sister. However, Anne manages to bypass Benwick’s shy exterior and engages him in literary discourse.

Chapter Twelve

Duration: 36 min.
Size: 33 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 12

Anne has a chance encounter with her cousin Mr. Elliot (the heir presumptive of Kellynch) who is in mourning, though she does not discover his identity until after he departs Lyme. Anne and her party are also going to leave Lyme, when an impetuous act causes Louisa to suffer a debilitating accident. Everyone relies on Anne’s sound judgment and instinct to cope (even Captain Wentworth).

Chapter Thirteen

Duration: 18 min.
Size: 17 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 13

Anne reunites with Lady Russell and stays with her at Kellynch Lodge. She receives news that Louisa’s condition improves, but that she faces a slow recovery in Lyme. The Admiral and Mrs. Croft invite Anne and Lady Russell for a visit at the Hall where Captain Wentworth is absent.

Chapter Fourteen

Duration: 17 min.
Size: 16 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 14

Anne and Lady Russell visit with the Musgroves at Uppercross during the Christmas holiday. Louisa and Henrietta are still in Lyme. Charles teases Anne that Captain Benwick talked of her constantly and that he wanted to see her again. Then, Anne finally goes to Bath to resume her unenviable place with her father and Elizabeth who have had the pleasure of reconciling with their cousin Mr. Elliot.

Chapter Fifteen

Duration: 20 min.
Size: 18 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 15

Anne is surprised to find her father and sister in an ecstasy over Bath and their cousin Mr. Elliott. They care very little for news about Kellynch, or anything else. Their enthusiasm in greeting Anne has more to do with being able to use her as an audience and a fourth at dinner, than being glad to see her. Yet, Mr. Elliot is very glad to see her and hear all her news.

Chapter Sixteen

Duration: 18 min.
Size: 17 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 16

Anne observes the dubious hold Mrs. Clay maintains on Sir Walter and Elizabeth; and so do Lady Russell and Mr. Elliot. She is also ashamed of the sycophantic manner they display towards their noble, but dull, cousins the Viscountess Dalrymple and her daughter Miss Carteret. Yet, Mr. Elliot believes the connection to be advantageous.

Chapter Seventeen

Duration: 25 min.
Size: 23 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 17

Anne is reacquainted with Mrs. Smith who was an old friend from school. Mrs. Smith is reduced to a poor, crippled widow; yet, Anne still views her as a valuable friend. Lady Russell is convinced that Mr. Elliot desires to marry Anne, but Anne is skeptical of his character.

Chapter Eighteen

Duration: 26 min.
Size: 24 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 18

Anne receives a letter from Mary with the surprising news that Louisa Musgrove is engaged to marry Captain Benwick. Anne wonders if Captain Wentworth quit his pursuit of Louisa, or if she broke it by falling in love with Benwick. The Crofts arrive in Bath; and Anne has a chance to speak with the Admiral.

Chapter Nineteen

Duration: 17 min.
Size: 15 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 19

Captain Wentworth walks into a shop where Anne is waiting for her cousin Mr. Elliot. He speaks to her and she notices that something in his manner has changed. Anne hopes to see him again; and becomes less and less interested in Mr. Elliot.

Chapter Twenty

Duration: 25 min.
Size: 23 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 20

Anne meets Captain Wentworth at a concert patronized by Lady Dalrymple. Before it begins, Anne and Wentworth engage in the longest and friendliest conversation they have had since he reentered her life. She can hardly concentrate on the concert and desires to resume their intercourse, yet Mr. Elliot demands her attention and Wentworth retreats hastily.

Chapter Twenty-One

Duration: 46 min.
Size: 42 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 21

Anne visits with Mrs. Smith and learns the truth about her cousin Mr. Elliot. He was a friend to Mrs. Smith and her deceased husband years ago; and had led them into poverty. Additionally, Mrs. Smith produces a letter written by Mr. Elliot in which he makes a disparaging reference to Anne’s father and sister and the family title.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Duration: 38 min.
Size: 35 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 22

Anne enjoys a reprieve from Mr. Elliot, while he is thought to be away from Bath. The Elliot family is surprised by the arrival of Mary and Charles and news that Mrs. Musgrove, Henrietta, and Captain Harville are also in Bath. Anne visits with them and Captain Wentworth joins them also. Mary happens to notice the supposedly absent Mr. Elliot in conversation with none other than Mrs. Clay in the street.

Chapter Twenty-Three

Duration: 46 min.
Size: 42 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 23

Anne visits Mrs. Musgrove and finds Captains Wentworth and Harville there. Wentworth is busy writing a letter, while Anne and Harville debate the constancy of men and women. Soon after, Anne discovers that Wentworth has left a letter for her to read. Its contents reveal the secrets of his heart and finally tear down the wall between them.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Duration: 12 min.
Size: 11 MB
Download: Persuasion Ch. 24

Austen concludes her tale of rediscovered love. Anne and Frederick finally marry. This time around, Anne’s family deems Captain Wentworth to be suitable, however unaffectionate they may be towards them. However, they have several others to share their joy with and a future to share together.

The End


Principal Characters

The Elliot Family:

  • Sir Walter Elliot (Head of the family; vain aristocrat).
  • Elizabeth Elliot (Eldest daughter; unmarried).
  • Anne Elliot (Middle daughter; unmarried; heroine of the story).
  • Mary Musgrove, nee Elliot (Youngest daughter; married w/ children).
  • William Walter Elliot (Estranged cousin; heir presumptive of Kellynch Hall).


Close Friends of the Elliot Family:

  • Lady Russell (Originally friend of the deceased Lady Elliot).
  • Mr. Shepherd (Sir Walter’s agent).
  • Mrs. Clay (Mr. Shepherd’s daughter; has children).
  • The Musgroves (Old friends and in-laws).


Wentworth Relations:

  • Captain Frederick Wentworth (Estranged beau of Anne; naval captain; hero of the story).
  • Admiral Croft (Brother-in-law to Wentworth; Tenant of Sir Walter).
  • Mrs. Croft (Married to the Admiral; sister to Wentworth).


The Musgrove Family:

  • Mr. Musgrove (Owner of Uppercross; head of household).
  • Mrs. Musgrove (Mistress of the household).
  • Charles (Mary’s husband; Anne rejected his prior proposal; heir of Uppercross).
  • Mary (nee Elliot; Charles’ wife; mother of little Charles and Walter).
  • Louisa (Eldest daughter; 20; unmarried).
  • Henrietta (Second daughter; 19; unmarried).
  • Charles (Eldest son of Charles and Mary).
  • Walter (Youngest son of Charles and Mary).
  • Dick (Deceased son of Mr. & Mrs. Musgrove; was midshipman on Wentworth’s ship).
  • Charles Hayter (Cousin; fond of Henrietta; curate).