Forget Me Not

NoSleepIs ignorance bliss?  In the short story “Forget Me Not“ written by Kelsey Donald, the protagonist is forced to come to terms with this very question when she realizes that her idyllic life isn’t all that it appears to be.  You can listen to me narrate this sci-fi/horror story on the Nosleep Podcast in the March 10th S2E22 episode, which is available now to download or stream.

The Nosleep Podcast is a collection of horror stories that originated from the Nosleep forum where writers post their scary tales.  It is hosted and produced by voice actor and musician David Cummings whose music accompanies the stories.  To learn more about this podcast and to listen to some chilling stories, visit the Nosleep Podcast site.

The Details/Links:

Show: March 10th S2E22 – Nosleep Podcast
Fiction: “Forget Me Not“ by Kelsey Donald
Narrator: Nikolle Doolin
Host/Producer: David Cummings

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