Anecdotes in Ashes

NoSleepIn episode 11 of season 3 of the NoSleep Podcast, I narrate three micro-fiction tales:  “Fifteen Minute Warning” by Edwin Crowe, “Career Advice” by L. Chan, and “House of Horrors” by Kelsey Donald. These stories are part of the Anecdotes in Ashes collection also narrated by David Cummings and Peter Lewis.  These stories are available on the free version as well as the premium version of the podcast.  To learn more about this podcast and to listen to some chilling stories, visit the Nosleep Podcast site.

The Details/Links:

Show: October 6th S3E11 – Nosleep Podcast
Fiction: “Anecdotes in Ashes“ written by The Assembly
Narrator: Nikolle Doolin
Host/Producer: David Cummings

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