Suddenly Shocking – Vol. 2

NoSleepI had fun narrating six flash stories for The NoSleep Podcast bonus episode for Season Four pass holders. Suddenly Shocking – Vol. 2 contains twenty-six tales also narrated by Jessica McEvoy, Peter Lewis, and David Cummings. I read the following stories: “Let Go by” Tasha S. Watson, “Aiden’s Special Power” by Rafael Marmol, “Merciless” by Nicholas O., “What Could Have Been” by Joseph Bierzynski, “You Never Call, You Never Write” by M. R. Stuart, and “Poor Choices” by John Andreini.

The Details/Links:

Show: Season Four Bonus Episode – 1/30/2015
Fiction: Suddenly Shocking – Vol. 2
Narrators: Nikolle Doolin, Jessica McEvoy, Peter Lewis, and David Cummings
Host/Producer: David Cummings
Music/Sound Design: David Cummings and Brandon Boone

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