NoSleep Podcast – Suddenly Shocking Vol. 3

NoSleepI enjoyed narrating a number of flash stories for The NoSleep Podcast’s Suddenly Shocking – Vol. 3 bonus episode for season five pass holders.  It contains thirty-one flash tales also narrated by Jessica McEvoy, Erika Sanderson, Peter Lewis, David Ault, and David Cummings. My voice appears in the following stories: “This New Old House” by A.M. Wendt, “Do They Ever Bite” by M.R. Stuart, “At First It Was a Blink” by B.M. Knight, “Advice To Working Girls” by M.R. Stuart, “Parent Teacher Night” by Kevin Hunt, “My Sister Is Hogging the Bathroom Again” by M.R. Stuart, “The End Result Is the Same” by M.R. Stuart, “Not the Worst Way to Die” by M.R. Stuart, and “Julia Was a Clever Girl” by D. G. Collins.

Show Details:

Full Episode Details: Suddenly Shocking Vol.3 – Bonus Episode
Host & Producer: David Cummings
Music & Sound Design: Brandon Boone & David Cummings

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