Far-Fetched Fables: Innumerate

Far-Fetched FablesIn Episode Eighty-Two of Far-Fetched Fables, I get summoned to narrate “Innumerate” by Laurence Raphael Brothers.  I have some flash fiction fun, as a sorcerer learns about the power of math.  Don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz afterward.

It’s terrific that so many of you have made it possible for Far-Fetched Fables, Tales to Terrify, and StarShipSofa to keep operating through The District of Wonders Patreon fund-raiser.  It would be fantastic if some day all of the writers, staff, and narrators are compensated as well.  Thank you for supporting excellent speculative fiction.


Full Episode Details: Far Fetched Fables No 82
Host: Nicola Seaton-Clark

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