is a site that enables public school teachers to post donation requests for a variety of classroom projects. Potential donors can search the site for projects that most appeal to them, such as: books, class trips, musical instruments, supplies, etc. They can select schools locally or nationally.

Each teacher has a page dedicated to their class project, which shows what items are specifically being asked for, their unit cost, and total item and handling cost. As donations accrue, the page is updated to reflect how much money is still needed to meet the target goal. Donors can also choose how much they will donate. No donation is too small. They call this “citizen philanthropy.” When the goal has been met, the project is closed and donors are thanked for their contribution.

This is an excellent way to give directly and specifically. The donors know that their money is going right where they want it to go–to the children. To learn more, or to donate, please visit