I Know What They Are

Tales To TerrifyDo you know what they are?  Are you ready to find out?  Then head on over to the Tales To Terrify podcast and download Show No 57, which presents the short story “I Know What They Are” written by Kris Mallory and narrated by yours truly Nikolle Doolin.

Mallory turns a walk to work into an engaging exploration of the human condition and carefully builds the tension toward the climax.  It’s a contemporary horror story with some genre-bending that includes sci-fi in the mix.

If you want to hear more, there are a plethora of good stories on Tales To Terrify read by a variety of narrators.  Tales To Terrify not only presents narrations of horror stories, but also genre-related reviews, interviews, and more.  It’s hosted by award-winning writer and narrator Lawrence Santoro who lends his special zeal to flavor the weekly episodes, which feature both new and familiar writers.  Tales To Terrify is a part of the District of Wonders family of podcasts and is produced by the host of the Hugo award-winning StarShip Sofa podcast Tony C. Smith.  Check it out.

The Details/Links:

Show: No 57 – Tales To Terrify Podcast
Fiction: “I Know What They Are” by Kris Mallory
Narrator: Nikolle Doolin
Host: Lawrence Santoro
Editors: Tony C. Smith, Lawrence Santoro, Cher Eaves

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