Far-Fetched Fables Podcast #118

Far-Fetched FablesIn Episode 118 of Far-Fetched Fables, I narrate “Black Baccara” by Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold.  Baccara is one of the dark ones from among the ranks of the Rose Knights who can hear the whispers of departing souls. This flash fiction piece is part of a series called Tales of the Rose Knights.


Far-Fetched Fables is a fantasy fiction podcast hosted by Nicola Seaton-Clark and is part of the District of Wonders.

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The NoSleep Podcast Episode 14 (S7)

NoSleep In Episode 14 (S7) of The NoSleep Podcast, I narrate “The Children in Our Family Are Cursed” by Rona Vaselaar with Erika Sanderson.  I also perform in “The Silent Treatment” by Marcus Damanda with Jessica McEvoy, Jeff Clement, Atticus Jackson, Kyle Akers, and Erika Sanderson.


The NoSleep Podcast is a horror fiction podcast produced and hosted by David Cummings and includes productions by Jeff Clement and Phil Michalski and music by Brandon Boone.

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