The NoSleep Podcast Episode 24 (S7)

NoSleep In Episode 24 (S7) of The NoSleep Podcast, I perform in “We Were Soap” by Nancy M. Long, “The Burning House” by Kerry H., and “Fairweather Nightmares” by Henry Galley.

I also had a lot of fun writing the scripts for and performing in the two ads, which are playing this week.  David, Jessica, David A., and Erica brought the characters to life terrifically.  David, Phil, and Brandon provided some fantastic sound design and music.  You can listen to these ads on The NoSleep Podcast sponsor page, and hear about some supernatural interference and an epic battle between a vampire and a vampire hunter.

The NoSleep Podcast is a horror fiction podcast produced and hosted by David Cummings and includes productions by Jeff Clement and Phil Michalski and music by Brandon Boone.

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