Lawrence Santoro

I was shocked and saddened by the news this morning that Lawrence Santoro passed away.  Larry was an award-winning writer and narrator and was the host of the award-winning podcast Tales to Terrify.  He was also someone who touched my life, as well as the lives of countless others.

I never met Larry.  We only communicated through e-mail, but he was always warm and I didn’t have to meet him in person to know that I liked him.  There was something in the way he hosted Tales to Terrify that conveyed who he was: someone who cared about the work he was presenting and about all of the people who participated (the writers, narrators, podcast crew, and the listeners).  He also sounded like he was enjoying himself and that added a special layer of pleasure to the podcast.

For me personally, Larry was the reason my voice has appeared in a number of different podcasts.  He found me on-line, liked my work, and contacted me to narrate horror stories for Tales to Terrify.  I’m glad I agreed; it turned out to be a terrific experience.  Soon after I appeared on TTT, I was asked to narrate for other podcasts as well.  So essentially, Larry set the ball in motion.

He also invited me to submit a story of my own to the podcast.  He not only supported me as a narrator, but also as a writer.  I have to say that it was a privilege to have my story presented by Larry, as well as to be introduced as a narrator. He said such lovely things about me whenever my narrations appeared on the podcast.  He made it abundantly clear that he appreciated my efforts and that sort of validation (from someone of Larry’s caliber) was priceless.

Everyone needs a Larry to come into their lives.  Someone who reminds you of what you already possess and who encourages you to discover what else you have yet to achieve.  Thank you, Larry, for showing up out of the blue one day and giving me this gift, which you so generously bestowed.  I’ll miss you.