Farewell Far-Fetched Fables

Far-Fetched FablesI’m saddened by the news that the fantasy fiction podcast Far-Fetched Fables is going on an indefinite hiatus.  The podcast presented a long list of top-notch tales penned by an impressive bevy of new and award-winning writers.  Nicola Seaton-Clark hosted in soothing tones that drew the listener into the journey ahead.

When editor Gary Dowell first approached me to narrate, I was thrilled to work with the fantasy genre.  I soon discovered that Gary has a knack for selecting excellent stories and a keen sense for casting narrations.  I had the pleasure of narrating numerous tales for the podcast, which I can count among my favorites.

Moreover, Gary was wonderful to work with.  His enthusiasm and support has been unwavering and I thank him for it.  I wish the entire team all the best.

Listen to stories narrated by Nikolle for Far-Fetched Fables.