The Jane Austen Hoax Explored

You may recall that a writer sent several fiction proposals using samples of Jane Austen’s novels to publishers and agents under a pseudonym.  Interestingly, he and Jane were unanimously rejected.  Apparently, only one organization recognized Austen’s work and wrote a rejection letter warning about plagiarism.  This sparked an uproar about the merits of Austen’s works and the merits of the publishing industry in today’s society.

The Writer Beware Blog considers the implications from a practical point-of-view, which releases Ms. Austen from blame.  For instance, the writer committed several submission mistakes, such as submitting romances to publishers and agents that don’t handle romance (hence many form letter rejections).  You can read more about this at the Writer Beware Blog and you can read one of the cover letters used by the hoaxer here.