Who’s On First?

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were at their most brilliant, when they introduced the radio audience of the 1940s to the confounding and hilarious comedy skit about a baseball team.  However, baseball is really beside the point, when Lou wants to know the names of the players.  As the two men engage in a verbal skirmish, the frustration increases and so do the laughs.

Fortunately, podcasting has allowed today’s generation access to this classic sketch.  Humphrey Camardella Productions presents Abbott and Costello’s radio show.  You can download Who’s On First in the September 11, 2007 episode.  The skit is about 11:40 into the show.  Enjoy!

Episode Title: Abbott & Costello Show 22 Who’s On First
Hosted by: Humphrey Camardella Productions
Episode Date: September 11, 2007
Original Recording: 1944
Who’s On First Sketch Starts At: 11:40 of 19:50 Total