NoSleep Podcast – Suddenly Shocking V6

NoSleepI perform in a number of flash stories for The NoSleep Podcast’s Suddenly Shocking – Vol. 6 bonus episode for Season Eight pass holders:

  • “Safe and Sound” by F.B.D.
  • “Automated” by B.P. Adams
  • “Why Copyright Now Protects Facial Structure” by Jack T. Anderson
  • “The Dinner Bell” by Brad Eddy
  • “The President is Human” by Kristopher J. Patten

The NoSleep Podcast is a horror fiction podcast produced and hosted by David Cummings and includes productions by Jeff Clement and Phil Michalski and music by Brandon Boone.

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Tales to Terrify Podcast #265

In Episode 265 of Tales to Terrify, I narrate “The Traeger Technique” by Brendan Wilhelm.  A woman meets her scene partner at his house for some practice, but she soon discovers that he has a rather intense acting technique, which is a bit too method.

Tales to Terrify is a weekly horror fiction podcast hosted by Stephen Kilpatrick and is part of the District of Wonders.

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